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Biddeford History & Heritage Project

Sharing the history of a proud city rising where the water falls

The MCHP Experience: In Our Own Words

B.H.S. Project ASPIRE

Tyshon & Mrs. Doherty prepare to photograph artifacts

"It was wonderful working on the Maine Community Heritage Project. I was so excited to see the students working so hard to get everything perfect. They were so cautious in making sure they handled the artifacts correctly, and very precise on photographing. I was in awe as they examined objects and photographs to get the best photo and all necessary information. Seeing students relaxed, having fun and interacting with the Renee, Brooke, Sally and Ray was wonderful."

-Denise Doherty, Teacher

Biddeford Historical Society

Mr. Gaudette teaches about the Meetinghouse

"I enjoyed working with the whole group, and was glad to do the project. The students did quite well, and I was very glad they could visit the First Parish Meetinghouse and do the Museum in the Streets. The students were great; they outperformed themselves."

-Raymond Gaudette, President

McArthur Public Library

Sally captures the action during the Museum in the Streets tour

"It's been really fun working with the students on this project, especially since they were interested in aspects of Biddeford's history that I never would have predicted. As a result, I've learned a lot of stuff that's just plain fascinating, as well as knowledge that will help me with library patrons."

-Sally Leahey, Assistant Director

Sam, Sydnie & Brooke scanning documents

"Not being particularly well-versed in Biddeford's history, I found this to be a great way to learn about it. The things that piqued the students' interests often were not what I would have expected and likely would have escaped my notice -- and then being able to explore them in such a hands-on way, such as through our photograph and special documents collections here at the library was a real treat. Finally, I enjoyed the chance to work with Raymond from the Biddeford Historical Society and hearing his incredible stories of the city's history."

-Brooke Faulkner, Young Adult Librarian

Renee, Sean & Brody scan negatives

"MCHP has been a great opportunity to share my love of history, to work with local colleagues in new ways, and most of all to let students explore the history of their town. It was exciting to let them handle collections and see where they'd go with it; I was always impressed with the quality of their work and their dedication to doing a good job."

-Renée DesRoberts, Archivist

Mrs. Doherty
Tyshon, Ryan and Brooke
By Samantha Millette
Renee, Shea, and Sydnie