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Biddeford History & Heritage Project

Sharing the history of a proud city rising where the water falls

A word of thanks

We would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for the help and support they provided to Team Biddeford and the Biddeford Heritage Project.

Beth DeWolfe
Erica Doyon!!!!
Dani Fazio
Raoul Goulet
Peter Howell
Renée Kazan
Dina Mendros
Emily Morrison
Sharon Mrowka
Marie O'Brien
Dora St.Martin
Sue Souliere
Britton Wolf
Abbe Museum
Dyer Library/Saco Museum
Hudson Museum-University of Maine
University of New England

And of course, the amazing staff at the Maine Community Heritage Project and the Maine Memory Network--Larissa, Kathy, Fran, Rachel, Kristie, and Steve.
*Thank You!*